The Creeper Files

*********THE HUSBAND EDITION********

*These come from awesome interactions with the general public via social networking.*

These are snip its from actual conversations on facebook.

1.) Gosh woman,why am I married? I’ll get a divorce tomorrow if we can meet somewhere this evening? I have money for the room and room service too if you want!

2.) Ohhhhh baby i’d love your photos all over this page but my wifeys on here and i dont want to offend her bc shes had babies and doesnt look this good anymore. i dont want her upset bc she makes my life hell.

3.) Dont call the cops. My wife really lijes you and i dont want her know about it.

4.) I hate almost everything about my wife but I love all things about you. Did you want to meet bc I’d leave her sorry ass but we have some kids and I have some kids by this girl from one time. Ddi you want to meet out smewhere?

5.) I can’t like your photos bc of my woman. She’s on all the social sites and it she sees my name I’m in trouble. She checks for that stuff! She’s got eagle eyes! I like your stuff though! You’re so perfect,she’d be jealous!!

6.) I love you. And not her. I love you can we meet somewhere? I need to tell you in person. Don’t call the cops,i’m okay.

7.) You’re so sexy. SEXYYYY!!! My wife is on my page so don’t post anything about us on mine page. She’d kill me. You wanna go out? Just don’t tell her.

8.) shiiiiiiiit you are fine!!! lets get together and leave my wife at the house!

9.) My kids need a good mother. my wife is lazy and a good for nothing. I think you’d be a good one. Do you like kids?

10.) Please come love me. My wife works all day and I don’t get anything. Please love me.


My eyes hurt from reading this shit sometimes.






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