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Body Paint: The History Of Silk


So by this time I had already had one fantastical adventure in paint. You can find that here :  Life In paint IS Great 🙂

A year or so later I got the chance to work with Scott and Madelyn of Living Brush ,once again,on another timed painting.

This particular painting tells an interesting tale. The scenes on my body tell the story of “The History Of silk.”


From WIKI :

“The writings of Confucius and Chinese tradition recount that, in the 27th century BCE, a silk worm’s cocoon fell into the tea cup of the empress Leizu. Wishing to extract it from her drink, the 14-year-old girl began to unroll the thread of the cocoon.

She then had the idea to weave it. Having observed the life of the silk worm on the recommendation of her husband, the Yellow Emperor, she began to instruct her entourage in the art of raising silk worms, sericulture. From this point, the girl became the goddess of silk in Chinese mythology. Silk eventually left China via the heir of a princess who was promised to a prince of Khotan. This probably occurred in the early 1st century CE. The princess, refusing to go without the fabric that she loved, would finally break the imperial ban on silk-worm exportation.”


As per my typical knee locking…yes it was there in full effect. Almost passed out again. Madelyn gave me a pole to lean against that we named “The May Pole” and that really helped me! Scott told me tales of aliens. Aliens both fascinate and scare the crap out of me.


I was painted at Bonnie and Stuart’s house,once again. Bonnie takes these wonderful photos! Stuart…made the best shrimp&grits I’ve had outside of Louisiana! It was a great day!


Response from Facebook : REPORTED and BANNED. The front of this painting is a little more sheer than the first one. Facebook really hates nipples 🙂 It seems fine with butts though! These still get reported every once in a while. I just delete the photo in question,like they ask me to….then upload it again in the same album 🙂 Works every time! So that’s an F.Y.I for all you guys always in Facebook jail. No we shouldn’t have to do this BUT it’s that or be banned. Idk about you BUT don’t have time for that.


For more information on the fantastical world of Living Brush find them here:


Until Facebook changes some of it’s policies we’ll keep fighting the good fight and bringing the eye opening art to the masses 🙂





*Art curation services specialist *Designer/creator of all sorts of gadgets *Steampunk/ Mori Girl designer *Fire performer *Mother of three cats and one pretty fish *Traveler of the world! *Costumer/Cosplayer * Makeup Lover!

5 thoughts on “Body Paint: The History Of Silk

  1. Facebook is insane. There is nothing offensive about these photos – quite beautiful. I do have two questions, though. How long did it take to fully paint you, and how difficult was it to remove?


    1. These specific paintings take usually 6-12 hours. For competition they have to do them in 6 so they practice the painting multiple times to get the flow down. The removal process is super easy! It washes off with just soap and water. And sometimes I need a friend to get some spots on my back haha.

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      1. I’ve found two on your blog – this one and Kali. Both were amazing. The only other body paint that I’ve seen were the ones where it’s a costume painted on the model. These are works of art.


      2. Thank you! Yes,temporary amazing art. That’s why I get so mad when I get reported on facebook! Photos are all that is left of this art. It only lasts a day then it goes down the drain. Darn facebook! haha

        Liked by 1 person

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